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by David J Andrews

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Khan’s Legacy

Khan's Legacy


The third and final story in the History Detective Trilogy opens with Marco Polo finding a hiding place for the iconic artefact, the Confucius staff at Kublai Khan’s behest in eastern Africa. The Khan trusts no one but the departing Marco Polo to hide the final artefact which leads to the Prophecy itself. We are finally introduced to the arch manipulator, the Professor as the protagonists are faced with. Their most dangerous threat yet.



The true significance of Zheng He’s voyages as the conveyor of the four artefacts is revealed. The hunt is on for the final artefact as the Teacher fights to dominate the Elders. Action moves from the snowy wastes of the arctic circle to northern Australia and south eastern Asia. The fabled Xanadu is invoked as the Teacher looks to complete his success with the final artefact to reveal the Khans Prophecy. He is confounded in his plans by the Professor, the ultimate enemy.

The Professor leads the hunt for the Confucius Staff as he looks to fulfil the Khan’s Prophecy. The protagonists Guy and Rose are helped by the  lethal female African warrior Tapiwa as they alone stand against the Professor in a shattering climax all is revealed as the Professor confronts the protagonists in a devastating final encounter.

‘Khans Legacy is a stunning climax to the ground breaking History Detective Trilogy , epic adventure that educates and entertains in equal measure’

Derek Rogers

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