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Adventure thriller
by David J Andrews

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This adventure thriller begins as the deadly Valkyrie, created by Kaiser Wilhelm II, is being torn asunder by a breakaway movement led by the ruthless Romana, a dominant and lethal beauty intent on achieving ultimate control by whatever means necessary.

Through heart stopping challenges, Richard struggles to survive the daunting challenge. He is aided by Jade Liau a clever and beautiful Tahitian girl seeking revenge for her fathers brutal murder. A journey that leads to her own astonishing self–discovery.



A challenging new assignment for business consultant Richard Scott‑Revesby delivers him into a web of international intrigue and conspiracy that reaches back to the exploratory voyages of Captain James Cook. He unearths a stunning secret capable of dramatically altering people's lives, which in turn leads him headlong into the Machiavellian intrigues of a powerful secret society.

Powerful European royal families react violently to protect their legacy as the plot hurtles towards the final climactic events in arctic Norway and the barren splendours of the Austrian Tyrol.

Weaving historical facts with modern day intrigue this adventure thriller underlines the maxim that you only understand the future if you understand the past.

"This well-written, nail-bitingly compulsive page turner is packed with action, adventure and suspense and it keeps us guessing right up until the stunning climactic end."

Wendy Anne Lake - fiction and non-fiction writer.

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Published by M-Y Books
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