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David J Andrews

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About the Author

David J Andrews


A leading writer of adventure thrillers with novels already published on three continents  including a major Chinese publisher and a significant distribution chain in south east Asia.

As the leader of a large multinational organisation the author uses his insider knowledge of the corporate world to strong effect in taking the reader inside the machinations of industry. Extensive travels to overseas countries lends an authenticity to the writing that cannot be achieved by writing at a distance.

The novels are characterised by a mixture of historical events and modern day settings involving underworld plotting, fast pacing and ultimately twisting plots leaving the reader uncertain and gripped to the end.

Having successfully published Lobster Calypso and Endeavours Legacy a new trilogyof novels set around the theme of ‘The History Detective Trilogy' takes us into a dynamic world of intrique and the merging of history with contemporary affairs using historical events as the trigger.

The final novel in the History Detective trilogy, Khans Legacy, has just being published.

It paves the way for future trilogies evoking the magical mixture of historical and contemporary connections with thrilling action. The first in the new trilogy, The History Creator Trilogy will be published in the very near future.

Email David:- author@davidjandrews.co.uk

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