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Adventure thriller trilogy
by David J Andrews

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Chasing Columbus


The first of the trilogy. We are introduced to the ‘Teacher’ and his mysterious sect. Startling evidence is found that others discovered the world long before the known explorers Columbus, Drake and Cook.

The protagonist Guy Tresanton loses his job in dramatic circumstances and finds himself plunged headlong into a maelstrom of events. He is supported by Rose a young Chinese girl as together they are pursued across countries and continents. Their odyssey runs at breakneck speed from the islands of St Lucia and Bermuda following the voyages of Christopher Columbus and finishing eventually in the heartlands of Spanish Andalucía. They are helped by the beautiful sensuous Leila as romance looms. 


The story reaches its final climax in the dramatic settings of the Sierra Nevada and the Alhambra Palace as the true significance of the Columbus Cross becomes evident. At the final hour it becomes crushingly clear to Guy that this is only one step in his personal fight against the enigmatic and elusive Teacher. The evil he faces is multi faceted and his personal quest becomes his own road to redemption combining ancient glories and prejudices with a roller coaster ride through history.


'This is an excellent thriller culled from the intrigue and plotting of the Court of medieval Spain and the intrepid courage of the explorers of that age woven into an exciting and original modern day adventure in the search for Caribbean treasure.'

Brian Nicholson OBE

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As informative as it's entertaining, The History Detective Trilogy of books creates a new genre reinventing real historical characters and placing them in the present while using actual historical events as the basis for each story.

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