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Adventure thriller trilogy
by David J Andrews

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Bahamian Rhapsody


The second of the trilogy. The dramatic voyages of Sir Francis Drake lead to the discovery of the mysterious Drake’s Shield and the knowledge that it has huge religious significance. Stig Oleson is a businessman who leads a corporation seeking to prolong life through innovative cell replacement techniques. Linked to the Teacher he is determined to find the elusive Shield, the second of the quartet of Artefacts. With Rose badly injured Guy sets off with Lorna (Leila’s sister) to find and stop Oleson. Kidnappings, human breeding camps and incarceration on Oleson’s newest cruise liner lead to a showdown in Mauritius.

The location of the legendary Shield and the iconic Sword of Islam leads to a climatic battle on the remote Caribbean island of Aruba. An historic Carib native leader is brought back to life as Guy and Rose survive attempts on their lives before the final dénouement.


Travelling at pace through Europe, China, Mauritius and finally the Caribbean the final scene is set for the Elders greatest challenge

The Elders are embarrassed by a schism within a schism as a new and secret maverick builds a new third force – the Golden Horde. Their long and secret history is revealed including links back to the empires of Genghis Khan and Tamerlane.

Enjoy this Breathtaking story sweeping across the lagoons of the Bahamas, the Swiss Alps, Asia and the exotic caves of the Cimarron in a read for all lovers of great adventure books.


A rich and well paced adventure that lures you back to the book time and time again –

  – The Book Guardian

A fantastic mix of History, adventure and fiction

  – Book review .com


Published by M-Y Books
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