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Adventure thriller trilogy
by David J Andrews

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History Detective Trilogy

The History detective trilogy


A leading writer of adventure thrillers whose first two novels, Lobster Calypso and Endeavour’s Legacy were published through a major South East Asian distributor and achieved high chart positions on three continents, David J Andrews specialises in action adventure stories, the author uses his insider knowledge of the corporate business world to terrific effect in taking the reader inside the esoteric machinations of power..

The History Detective trilogy (Chasing Columbus, Bahamian Rhapsody and Khan's Legacy) is set in the modern day though covering eight centuries of history, secret societies, priceless historical artefacts and political uprisings. The history detectives are the protagonists who see the linkages to the past and use them at every opportunity to thwart the arch villains whilst seeking to solve the riddle of the Khan’s Prophecy.

The Khans Prophecy has excited and mystified humanity for over eight hundred years since Genghis Khans death capturing the imagination. A new force is now unravelling the secret and the clock is ticking. Through the remarkable fifteenth century voyages of the Chinese Admiral Zheng He a remote monastery on an isolated Atlantic island is selected to house the secret sect called the Elders. Growing in influence over the centuries they covertly influence governments and manage the history of nations as they seek the Prophecy which will lead to the fabled ‘Khans Phrophecy’.


A turbo charged journey – A mysterious sect secretly controlling nations – fast paced action over continents and centuries – the trilogy is a tour de force

Valuable artifacts provide the signposts as the plot intensifies through the three books. Competing forces seek the artifacts and their linkage to famous explorers. Hidden in secret locations around the world they require ingenuity and determination.

Leading the chase is an enigmatic Chinese known as the Teacher in turn controlled by a shadowy European known as the Professor both seeking ruthlessly the path to the Prophecy...

  • Where are the Quartet of Artifacts and what are their significance?
  • What is the significance of the Prophecy and what is its relevance?
  • What are the Teacher and Professor’s real motives?

The trilogy evolves through the adventures of the ‘detectives’ the protagonists Guy Tresanton an Englishman down on his luck and Rose Ling, a newly graduated American. The stories build to a crescendo around the final hunt for the ‘Artifacts’ and ultimately the quest to find the ‘Khan’s Prophecy’. The Professor and Teacher's plans are revealed with the final dénouement taking place in the Indian Ocean from clues revealed through the travels of Marco Polo and a dramatic century old football match.

The stories are contemporary adventure thrillers designed to entertain through history. Featuring the lives of both Genghis and Kublai Khan plus the pioneering voyages of Marco Polo, the astonishing impact of the Mongols on history and indeed the present day is revealed. They span five continents and many countries giving the reader an intimate acquaintance with past historical and modern events.

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